Limbile ne dezvolta mintea, ne transforma viata si ne fac invingatori.

Elena Tălmăcian

Elena Tălmăcian is a university lecturer of Business English and Professional Communication with the University of Economic Studies, Bucharest. She holds a BA degree in English and Orthodox Theology (University of Bucharest), an MA degree in Applied Linguistics (University of Bucharest), an MA degree in Applied Language Education and Research Communication in Economics (Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest) and a PhD degree in Philology (University of Bucharest). Her current research areas of interest are the influence of English upon contemporary Romanian (with focus on the Economic language), Business English teaching methodology and translation. She has published three books on anglicisms and several articles on e-learning, teaching business English collocations, the use of authentic audio and video materials during business English classes and she has also co-authored a study on students’ perception of teachers’ efficiency.